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Arthur Kirkland

OMFG SO I FOUND SOMETHING OUT. It’s England’s last name. kirkland.
The definition of Kirk is - well-
Kirk: definition of Kirk
A total Studgod, masterful in every way. Great King and Ruler, loved by women and adored by children, envied by men for being so awesome and wealthy and having a big unit and balls of steel.
Kirk- Land… Land of Kirk… Oh my pasta..

Jan 07

Dear Girl Behind The Screen,

Everything… It was all gone.. She only had her mom, Dad, And brother.” Why? Why? ” the Girl thought to herself ,” Why me?” Her father. He was no father. He kept leaving her since she was little, He had just got out of prison, recently. He was supposed to be in for life, But some crazy accident happened and they gave him three years. Her mother, she would scream at her all the time. The so called adult would yell at her everyday in her face, She never believed that her child could be worth something. Her mother… She made the Girl Exercise until she nearly had a concussion from hitting her head so hard, And nearly braking her tail bone. The young girl even got called she looked like a lesbian daily, Even though she would try so hard to make her mother proud.. Starving herself, Putting on makeup she spent every penny she had on said makeup. Force herself into uncomfortable clothes all for an unappreciative mother. Her father, He has been so … Heartless. Leaving her constantly, not caring. She loved him so very much.. Ever so … Much … The only one who understood her. He wasn’t even.. There. Her brother; He’s always been mean to her. She tried to hug her while she was crying, She got pushed away so harshly she nearly fell. Now one day, this girl was pretty alone in her room, so she went on this website called ’ Omegle’. She looked around, and typed her interest as ’ Hetalia’. Hetalia was her most favourite show . When she clicked ‘Go’ to start talking to random people . Then someone had sent me a link. That’s the day her life changed . She clicked on it, It was an online chat room. The girl was very nervous thinking,’ I’ll just.. Stay and never come back.’ But then there was a girl, Going by the name ‘Ezio’. She seemed a bit off when she saw you, she didn’t like new comers. She freaked out but then stayed calm. She began chatting, but instead of leaving you came day, after day, after day for a year. After a while you became friends. She tended to say ’ I love you’ . You thought she meant as a sister. ” I love you to!” She typed happily. But after a while you got the hint.. It wasn’t as a friend.. It was something else. A bit later they got together. The young girl trusted the other, And she constantly talked good about her to her friends. Bragged even. This… This amazing girl she met… Changed her life dramatically. The other could make her day, or brake it. That’s how much she effected the little girl. “This girl… Must’ve been an angel..” The little girl thought. She always thought about the other very nervously,” I-is she ok!? Is she sleeping!? Sick!? Sad?! What can i do to help!?” That’s all she thought. The little girl snapped often, very badly. The other still loved her. The little girl was so mean. She still loved her. The little girl loved her as well. I looked on my small phone,” I’m.. That little girl.. That other girl knows exactly who she is” . She picked up a pen and paper and wrote: ” Dear Ezio,
I’m sorry i’m not the best. You make my worries disappear. Yes , I’m aware I’m VERY cheesy at times. I’m embarrassed , but it’s to make you smile. You deserve that.. You deserve so much more than a bipolar , Suicidal, Idiotic, snapping Girl. I’m happy to call you mine… I hope .. You are amazing.. You deserve nothing less than royalty. Yes, this whole thing is cheesy. What ever. You made my stone heart so warm and loving. I really do… Love you, My little sunshine. My ONLY sunshine. ” the Girl smiled and pressed send , hoping she saw it. Then the little girl smiled hopefully, going to bed, imagining that very same girl she loved was hugging her. It made her feel so much better.

~ Side note: I love you my dear. uwu , I hope you enjoyed this story. You know who you are. ~ Fork.

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